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Amerec has been building and supplying quality sauna products since 1979. Amerec supplies quality sauna rooms, controls and equipment for homes and businesses. Amerec knows how to create the perfect sauna environment, because they appreciate and respect their long history as a healthy way to purify both body and mind. Whether panel-built or custom-cut and built into the home, indoor saunas transform your space into a home spa. From Amerec's Modular Sauna Rooms to the Custom Cut rooms, the saunas are designed to provide an exceptional sauna experience. Amerec designs their sauna control panels and units to be attractive and functional. They are designed to manage the sauna experience, climate and comfort. Saunas are great for relaxation, post workout recovery and even improved brain function.Besides for their prefabricated sauna rooms, Amerec also offers completely custom sauna solutions as per your specification. Whether you need a sauna for your gym, home or office, Amerec has the perfect sauna for you!

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