Aptations 390-4024HW La Bonita LED Vanity Mirror - Tuneable Light Colors

  • Model: 390-4024HW
  • Manufactured by: Aptations
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This Aptations Mirror Features:
  • Frame Dimension: 39.4" X 23.6"
  • Power Control: Lower Right Edge
  • Light color: 2,700 Kelvin to 5,800 kelvin tunable light color
  • Power source: Plug in
  • Magnification: 3X inset
  • 36″ X 20″ Viewing Area
  • Height: 23.6"
  • Width: 39.4"
  • Length: 1.5"
  • Weight: 22.5 lbs
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Es La Bonita translated means The Pretty One and La Bonita Vanity Mirror with 3X Magnifier lives up to it’s reputation! The flirty ribbon of light on the La Bonita Vanity Mirror combined with tunable LED light color will help you be The Pretty One too. To help you look your best, there is a 3X magnifier inset in the face of this mirror that is surrounded by LED light. This mirror is perfect for getting ready for anything since you can adjust the light color to just the right amount of soft warm light, bright cool light, or anything in between. The same light color surrounds the 3x magnified inset so you can do overall grooming and close-up detailed grooming with the same mirror.