Barrels by Thermory

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About Thermory Barrel Saunas

Thermally Modified

Ours are the only thermally modified barrel saunas in North America. So, you get the beauty of real wood, naturally enhanced with only heat and steam for unequalled durability and stability – even in changing weather conditions. It’s the most ideally suited wood for your sauna experience.

Functional Design

Thermory barrels are larger than standard barrel saunas. With a diameter of more than seven feet, the spacious interior offers a greater height for standing and deeper benches for laying down. Plus, thermal modification ensures the wood is never too hot to sit on.

Easy Assembly

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail—right down to our installation guide. Your Thermory barrel comes with pre-cut and pre-milled staves and cradles, so there’s no cutting necessary. In less than a day, you and a few friends can have your sauna fully constructed.

Spacious Interior

Boasting an interior of nearly 250 cubic feet, Thermory barrels offer nearly 50% more room than other barrel saunas for a greater ease of movement.

Bold Design

Blending rustic charm with modern European details, Thermory barrels transform gorgeous Nordic spruce into an extraordinary space to relax and indulge.

Meticulously Milled Floor

Never worry about standing on curved or rough flooring with our floor kit that provides a level and sturdy surface for the bottom of your sauna.

All-Weather Protection

Thermally treated wood makes your sauna dimensionally stable in changing climate conditions. And our built-in rain jacket provides coverage from wet weather.


Focal Point is proud to offer barrel saunas by Thermory. You can shop online or give us a call at 718-336-6900 for more infomation.