About the Charme Collection...

The creative thought process behind the design of new furniture collection CHARME was to play with the idea of geometrics, with the aim of finding a harmonious relationship between volume and alignment. The objective was to create a signature contemporary style offering a timeless elegance. The ceramic basin, albeit in a single shape, was designed to give the impression of being “staggered”. Their vanity top provides a resting place and fixing position for the towel-holder bar. The freestanding vanity as well as the wall-hung version (in the different dimensions) were designed using alternating materials, in juxtaposed open and closed spaces, gloss and matt lacquers to bring the furniture a strong and distinctive personality. The front fascia conceals a door and shelf on one side and a corner door complete with toiletries holder on the other. The metal handle running along the entire length of the vanity, together with the decorative glass finish, conveys a sensation of unicity and riches'. Side lamps and a matching mirror serve to complete the overall look. The latter is made up of a number of different materials married together in a graceful and sophisticated fashion. Similarly, the side lamps are characterized by the blending together of various materials, the result being a truly contemporary look with subtle Art Deco undertones.

Make this vanity yours. Custom Features and Options...

Oasis Vanities are extremely customizable and come in many sizes, materials and finishes. Choose from various metals, marbles, glass and lacquers to make these vanities truly unique. The gallery below are just some ideas for your next luxury vanity purchase, but please give us a call (718-336-6900) and speak to one of our Oasis experts to help you choose & customize your perfect piece of furniture!

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