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Soak away your worries in Barclay's luxurious havens

For over 70 years, Barclay has crafted bath time sanctuaries designed to whisk you away from daily worries. Imagine sinking into a deep, hand-sculpted cast iron tub, the weight of the world melting away with each warm embrace. Or picture yourself lounging in a sleek, freestanding acrylic masterpiece, modern lines reflecting the soft glow of chromatherapy lights.

Barclay bathtubs aren't just tubs; they're works of art meticulously crafted from premium materials built to last. Whether you crave timeless elegance or contemporary chic, their diverse collection boasts a perfect fit for every dream bathroom.

Step into a world of possibilities:

  • Classic cast iron: Experience the enduring beauty and luxurious warmth of a Barclay cast iron tub, a timeless centerpiece for any space.
  • Modern acrylic: Embrace sleek lines and minimalist elegance with a contemporary acrylic tub, available in a range of shapes and sizes to complement your unique vision.
  • Whirlpool havens: Let the soothing power of massaging jets melt away your stress in a whirlpool tub, designed for ultimate relaxation.

Beyond the soak, Barclay elevates your bathroom with:

  • Integrated air jets: Enjoy the revitalizing benefits of invigorating air bubbles in select models.
  • Customizable options: Create your perfect bathing sanctuary with a variety of faucet styles, finishes, and accessories.

Focal Point is a proud dealer of Barclay. Barclay is more than just bathtubs; it's an invitation to create a space that reflects your soul.

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