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Cristal et Bronze

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Cristal et Bronze was created by an antique dealer in Paris. Founded in 1937 and now located in the medieval village of Chateau-Landon, they manufacture bathroom fittings such as faucets, basins, shower heads, and accessories such as towel rings, glass holders, soap dishes, and towel bars. Their products are made in the purest traditions of French craftsmanship. Luxury hotels, yachts and designers around the world turn to Cristal et Bronze fixtures for both traditional and contemporary designs. Cristal et Bronze uses brilliant materials such as 24 carat gold and solid silver glitter, skillfully inlayed at the heart of the material, or stone of volcanic origin, issued from an acid lava, brutally cooled by the ocean, or finely cut crystals made to the exact form of the material, or satin crystal leaves, partially cut to reveal rays of light with a unique style. In the 1960s Cristal et Bronze entered the realm of luxury bathroom fixtures. By combining skilled craftsmanship with precious material, Cristal et Bronze has forged an outstanding reputation for quality. The house of Cristal et Bronze has always cultivated the union between traditional craftsmanship and high end manufacturing. Handmade cut glass, finely worked brass and finishing in precious metals are the heritage of their artistic craftsmanship.

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