Dado Quartz

High end manufacturer of solid surface tubs and basins. Browse a collection below to learn more.

About DADOQuartz:

DADO manufacturing was established in 1998 and is one of South Africa's top manufacturers of luxury freestanding bathtubs and basins. From the earth of South Africa, quartz ore is mined, crushed and combined with a mixture of resins and other natural minerals to create our own unique DADOquartz® material. Quartz is a noble variety of silica. Its special properties give DADOquartz® its alluring characteristics, much like one finds in the varieties rose, milky and smoked quartz and amethyst.

DADOquartz® is used to manufacture our perfectly crafted bathtubs and basins. it gives our products exceptional hardness and distinguishing longevity. Besides for being exceptionally strong, DadoQuartz bathtubs are warm to the touch due to the high heat retention properties of the material. Each bathtub, sink, and basin is hand-finished and perfectly crafted from a void-free, solid surface material to ensure there are no cracks and to ensure it is resistant to stains and abrasions. A solid surface bathtub or basin are non-porous which means they are easy to clean and resistant to the growth of bacteria. DadoQuartz is so confident that you will love their bathtubs and sinks, they offer a lifetime warranty on defects on materials or craftsmanship.

A freestanding bathtub is a work of art and can easily be made into the focal point of your bathroom. Browse the above collections or give us a call at 718-336-6900 to learn more about freestanding bathtubs and solid surface basins.