Dress Code

About the Dress Code Collection...

Oasis is proud to present its new Master range, designed to blend modern styling with an atmosphere of elegance and refinement. With the idea of designing a model which is easy to customize but at the same time truly distinctive, they have created The Dress code collection, in which the blend of unusual colors and finishes is highlighted by the geometric forms and 45° angles. Surfaces joined by special 45° joins, as well as a blend of different materials and finishes, are at the same time elegant and modern, and are designed to suit every type of bathroom.

Make this vanity yours. Custom Features and Options...

Oasis Vanities are extremely customizable and come in many sizes, materials and finishes. Choose from various metals, marbles, glass and lacquers to make these vanities truly unique. The gallery below are just some ideas for your next luxury vanity purchase, but please give us a call (718-336-6900) and speak to one of our Oasis experts to help you choose & customize your perfect piece of furniture!

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