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Effe - Perfect Wellness By Effegibi

Effegibi makes body-care products that draw on the historic traditions of heat therapy, with a particular focus on the Finnish sauna of Northern European origin and the Turkish bath of Mediterranean origin, all of which are factory produced but hand-finished. Ranging from sauna rooms to turkish baths, Effigibi products will complete your luxury home renovation and transform your home into the spa oasis you always wanted.

Focal Point is proud to be one of the only displaying showroom and official dealers of this luxury brand in the USA. Call our showroom at 718-336-6900 and ask to speak to one of our Effegibi experts to learn more!

Effe - Perfect Wellness By Effegibi offers many products ranging from saunas, to steam rooms and even high tech steam panels. Below is just a small portion of their offering. For more information feel free to contact us.

BodyLove SH - Sauna + Hammam System

Functional, stylish, luxurious, a Rodolfo Dordoni design that engages all the senses. You can personalize your spa just as you want it. Whether in a public or private space, BodyLove makes this possible with a modular system that can put together a sauna, Turkish bath, shower and relaxation area, with up-to-the-minute features and tailor-made materials. In the Sauna+Hammam BodyLove version a number of options is available for positioning and orienting the access doors to the two spaces.

Such luxurious materials as ceramics and grès porcelain stimulate perception of the spa space as an environment that blends perfectly with its surroundings, rather than just an unsightly high-tech add-on. BodyLove offers the opportunity for complete personalization including the choice of materials.

  • Right/Left-hand Corner: 15 kW
  • Peninsula: 15 kW
  • Niche: 15 kW
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Logica SH - Sauna + Hammam System

All the elegant styling of the Logica system in a smaller space. A superbly designed sauna and Turkish bath, the perfect fit for your home. System incorporating a sauna and Turkish bath. The Aquasteam steam generator is installed with the Energy Saver function and automatic boiler-cleaning system.

Top-quality materials: Canadian hemlock wood, tiling in 3.5mm Slimtech® laminated grès porcelain, 8mm toughened glass doors

Includes the ESS – Effegibi Sound System which delivers music from your own device available on iOS. Logica SH is an oasis of well being in your own home, with three color schemes to suit any décor.

  • Right/Left-hand Corner: 10.5 kW
  • Peninsula: 10.5 kW
  • Niche: 10.5 kW
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BodyLove S - Sauna

Sauna wood finish available in Canadian Hemlock and heat-treated hardwood, available also with surfaces in mirror on demand. The BodyLove sauna heater is covered in glazed ceramic in unique colour combinations, a luxury material that enhances the soft beauty of the wood. The source of heat, the element of prime importance in the Finnish sauna tradition, has made a comeback with a new aesthetic that once again casts it in a starring role. BodyLove includes exterior paneling highlighting the home dimension of the system, designed to be part of the furniture. ESS is available on iOS. BodyLove offers countless customization options as far as choice and combination of materials to realize a real custom made spa solution.

  • Right/Left-hand Corner: 8 kW
  • Peninsula: 8 kW
  • Niche: 8 kW
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Sky - Sauna

A sauna with extremely versatile design features, with wide glass panels reaching right up to the ceiling that create a light and airy feel that is perfect for any environment. Certified sauna made of prized Canadian hemlock wood and 10mm toughened glass panels. The glass front wall, door and ceiling give Sky an extremely light, airy look. ESS – Effegibi Sound System, delivers music from your own device (optional). Extremely versatile, ideal for made-to-measure solutions

  • Sky80: 8 kW
  • Sky60: 6 kW
  • Sky40: 4 kW
  • Sky30: 3 kW
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Topkapi - Hammam Complete

Topkapi represents the true essence of the traditional Hammam, its walls lined with Carrara, Marquina or Botticino marble and unequaled performance from the steam generator. Turkish bath complete with shower, spring, benches and color therapy. Materials of outstanding quality: three different kinds of marble, steel, toughened glass, natural Burmese teak. Inner back glass panels available in either white or mirrored glass. Outer panels available in transparent or rain-effect semi-opaque glass. Topkapi comes with a spring clad in top quality marble, complete with a copper-finish steel bowl. Topkapi includes the ESS – Effegibi Sound System which delivers music from your own device. Intuitive, back-lit touch control panel operates the steam, temperature, lighting and color therapy. Unique quality delivered by the steam generator built into the column.

  • 190X130: 4,5 kW max
  • 190X90: 3 kW max
  • 150X130: 4,5 kW max
  • 150X90: 3 Kw max
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One H - Hammam Complete

One H, a clever combination of aesthetics and technology. One H uses an Aquasteam 45 steam generator, for total steam density and hygiene control. ESS – Effegibi Sound System delivers music from your own device. Available in three standard finishes or with a personalized color scheme. Extremely versatile, ideal for location in a spa, gym or a private home. The perfect Turkish bath is created by optimum density steam that stays constant over time, with the temperature above 40°C. All Effegibi Hammam steam generators have specified steam temperature and quantity to guarantee a truly relaxing, lasting experience.

  • NICHE: 4.5 kW max
  • RIGHT-HAND CORNER: 4.5 kW max
  • LEFT-HAND CORNER: 4.5 kW max
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Touch&Steam - Steam Generator

Touch&steam is a stylish, lightweight professional-standard steam generator that can be fitted to any shower or Hammam environment. Steam generator complete with color and aroma therapy. Effegibi steam generation technology gives you maximum control over steam quality and density and hygiene. Air ventilation system minimizes temperature layering inside the cubicle. Low maintenance thanks to the automatic boiler-cleaning system that minimizes lime-scale build-up. Stylish, compact design featuring a panel of silk-screen-printed toughened glass, visible thickness 3.7cm.

  • Touch&Steam 30: 3.0 kW max - 0-3,5 cubic meters
  • Touch&Steam 45: 4.5 kW max - 3,5-4,5 cubic meters
  • Touch&Steam 60: 6.0 kW max - 4,5-6,2 cubic meters
  • Touch&Steam 90: 9.0 kW max - 6,2-9,2 cubic meters
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Easysteam - Steam Generator

Easysteam combines ease of installation with a hi-tech steam generating system with the Effegibi touch control.

The control interface is a curved glass panel with back-lit icons for the steam generator housed in the casing which is fitted into the wall when the water system is made ready for installation. Simplicity itself to install and available in 3 and 4.5 kW versions, it transforms a shower cubicle into a high-tech Turkish bath whose pleasures are at your fingertips, any time you want.

  • Easysteam 30: 3.0 kW max - 0-3,5 cubic meters
  • Easysteam 45: 4.5 kW max - 3,5-4,5 cubic meters
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