Electric Mirror LUM2336-RT Luminous 23x36 Lighted Mirrored Cabinet

  • Model: LUM2336-RT
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Please Note: Electric mirror has many options and customizations to add on to your mirror. Please contact our showroom for add-ons or more information.

This Electric Mirror Mirrored Cabinet Features:
  • Sleek 3/4 door (mirrored on both sides)
  • High power energy efficient LED lighting
  • Exceptional mirror reflectivity
  • Left hinge (LT) or Right hinge (RT)
  • Adjustable glass shelves
  • Mirrored interior
  • Matte silver aluminum cabinet body
  • Natural light color Ideal for makeup application
  • Mercury-free environmentally sustainable lighting
  • Interior 20 Amp, 120 VAC GFCI receptacle with two electrical outlets
  • Rust resistant anodized aluminum chassis construction
  • Defogger with internal switch
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Power buttons for lights and defogger inside cabinet
  • Patented (US 8,910,402 B2, US D704,939 S)
  • Dimmable Separate wall control required
  • Four adjustable glass shelves
  • Matte silver aluminum cabinet body
  • HardCoat anti-corrosion mirror treatment
  • Designed for humid bathroom environments

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