About the Forever Collection...

Oasis introduces the new Forever collection, an excellent synthesis of form and function, where modern and square geometries are lightened and embellished by the thin aluminum handle that, always tinted in the same finish of the furniture, disappears into the inside, creating a clean an integrated design. The piece of furniture well adapts to any space and situation thanks to its high modularity and the wide selection of finishes and colors, in both glossy and matt, or metallic versions. Finally, the customer will be able to customize his purchase by choosing the most suitable washbasin for his needs. Washbasins are available in ceramic, white resin or glass, integrated and back-painted glass, both in glossy and satin versions.

Make this vanity yours. Custom Features and Options...

Oasis Vanities are extremely customizable and come in many sizes, materials and finishes. Choose from various metals, marbles, glass and lacquers to make these vanities truly unique. The gallery below are just some ideas for your next luxury vanity purchase, but please give us a call (718-336-6900) and speak to one of our Oasis experts to help you choose & customize your perfect piece of furniture!

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