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Glass Crafter

Glass Crafters

GlassCrafters Inc. (American GlassCrafters Inc.) is a family operated private company that was established in 1991 and incorporated in New Jersey. GlassCrafters Inc. is a Leading Full-Service Manufacturer and Installer of Luxury custom shower enclosures, glass shower doors, sliding shower doors, custom bath enclosures, Luxury custom frameless shower enclosures, luxury mirrored cabinets and custom mirrors; Laminated Architectural Glass Manufacturer. Their products provide a preferably superior look, and a surpassingly sturdier, dependable design, which is easier to clean and maintain.

GlassCrafters, contact customers/homeowners for their distributors to schedule measuring and installation. All work is done in house and not by a sub-contractor. their 2 to 3 week turn around time is unattainable by competitors. GlassCrafters is proud to hold one of the most exemplary safety records in the industry. Glass installed by GlassCrafters meets all ASTM-1048 tempered and ASTM-1172 laminated safety codes. Focal Point is proud to be an official dealer of Glass Crafters. Call our showroom at 718-336-6900 and ask to speak to one of our experts to learn more! Or, you can check out the manufacturer website.

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