Shop Kaldewei enameled steel bathtubs and sinks below. 


Knowing they are a lead manufacturer of enameled iron bath tubs, purchasing a Kaldewei bathtubs leaves you with relaxed and with a piece of mind only surpassed by the experience their tubs offer. Iron bathtubs hold the heat better than a standard acrylic tub and the enameled surface gives a stylish look. Kalewei baths are a great choice for your bathroom. 

KALDEWEI has been setting bathroom trends for over 100 years. In 2019 they will be doing so again, with themes that affect us all. We’re talking about sustainability. About preserving their oceans. About genuine equal partnership. And about how they provide optimum support to both trade and end customers. It’s about experiencing material in a completely new way. And about boundless diversity – for the most personalized of all dream bathrooms.

Focal Point is proud to be an official dealer of Kaldewei. Call our showroom at 718-336-6900 and ask to speak to one of our experts to learn more! Or, you can check out the manufacturer website.

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