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MGS taps mix the luxury of Italian design with the innovation and precision of Swiss engineering. Their stainless steel fixtures are simple in shape with just the right mix of beauty and technology. They offer shower heads, tub fillers, accessories, and bathroom and kitchen faucets that are functional, sleek, elegant, efficient, and eco-friendly. The impeccable taste and flawless style they provide in their faucets and more are the perfect addition to any home, and will complement the existing beauty as if it were made to be placed in that home.
MGS has won multiple awards for design and the functionality and reliability of the fixtures are unmatched. Each fixture is machine made, but the final step is by expert polishers, who hand finish each part to make sure it has an immaculate finish.
MGS Taps are made of marine grade stainless steel. These will hold up to wear over time and even be able to withstand the harsh outdoor elements. These stainless steel faucets and stainless steel showers are perfect for an outdoor kitchen. If you are looking for a stylish outdoor kitchen faucet, look no further. MGS carries kitchen faucets, stainless steel showers and even outdoor stainless steel bathroom faucets. MGS manufacturers a wide array of stainless steel kitchen faucets in both function and style. They make a pull down stainless steel kitchen faucets, pull out faucets and even single handle faucets, with the handle by the spout so you don't need to worry about splashing water. With all the style options that MGS offers we are sure you will be able to find the perfect faucet for your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor space.
MGS started with just polished and matte stainless steel finishes, but have introduced gold and even black stainless steel faucets.