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Essential and elegant thanks to its delicate workmanship. The basin column Plissé, draws its inspiration from the dense folding that allows to give body to the fabrics, at the same time leaving them free to flutter, underlining their movement. So is the basin column Plissé, with its important shape resembling a classical sculpture, lightened by the folding like an accordion, which creates an ideal movement, like temples of Greek architecture. Just like an ancient peplum, the basin column Plissé, made of glossy white ceramic, has a ring decorating in gold or chrome metal, almost to underline the “waist”, as in a high fashion dress. Oasis, the Italian company of contemporary luxury bathroom furnishing, is always attentive to the evolution of style, and Plissé confirms this. Thanks to its simple and precious elegance, it fits perfectly in luxurious ambients, characterized by rigorous projects, with a particular attention to the details of interior architecture.

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Oasis Vanities are extremely customizable and come in many sizes, materials and finishes. Choose from various metals, marbles, glass and lacquers to make these vanities truly unique. The gallery below are just some ideas for your next luxury vanity purchase, but please give us a call (718-336-6900) and speak to one of our Oasis experts to help you choose & customize your perfect piece of furniture!

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