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Sietto – Handcrafted Cabinet Hardware

Andrew Kates ventured into a store on Clybourn Avenue in Chicago called Jayson Home, where he saw a mosaic table that he thought was spectacular. He took a class and learned how to make mosaic tables. After trying to sell these tables at art fairs throughout Chicago, he quickly learned that it would be very difficult to earn a living selling mosaic tables. While participating in one of these art fairs, a passerby asked him if he could melt the glass together in his mosaic tables. He let that thought ruminate for about nine months, and then decided to purchase a small kiln and give glass fusing a try. He decided to start small, so he chose glass cabinet knobs and handles as his product. And 15 years later, Sietto is stronger than ever. All of its knobs and pulls are handcrafted in small batches, with no shortcuts and the purest materials available. With a sincere belief that every detail matters, it takes great pride in making sure every piece of decorative hardware it makes is the perfect complement to its customers’ cabinetry. 

Sietto is a manufacturer of fine glass cabinet hardware. They only use the highest quality of glass and metal to ensure each piece is perfectly crafted. They offer a wide range of glass cabinet knobs and glass cabinet pulls included adjustable cabinet hardware.

Focal Point is proud to be an official dealer of Sietto. Call our showroom at 718-336-6900 and ask to speak to one of our experts to learn more! 

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