Thermory No 62 Barrel Sauna Thermory BIT Barrel Sauna Kit - Natural Wood

  • Model: No 62 Barrel Sauna
  • Manufactured by: Thermory
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This Theromory Barrel Sauna Features:

  • Finish: Natural Wood
  • Spacious 7'3" inside diameter with 24" deep Thermo-Aspen benches for the ultimate sauna bathing comfort
  • Sustainably sourced Northern European Spruce Features a brushed texture, distinct knots, and consistent heartwood color
  • Chemical-free thermal modification naturally enhances every board to its core
  • Unrivaled rot and moisture-resistance with exceptional stability and durability
  • Superior insulating properties keep the heat in and stress and worries out
  • Intuitively engineered for simple DIY installation
  • Install in one day with no cutting required
  • Rain jacket, flooring, and exterior trim package included
  • 6-person sauna with window
  • Install the sauna heater of your choice
  • 265 cubic feet
  • Length: 88-1/2"
  • Width: 90-1/2"
  • Height: 90-1/2"
  • Weight: 2000 lbs

6-Person premium-quality DIY Barrel Sauna Kit with panoramic window. Tall enough to stand in comfortably, this is the largest, most spacious barrel sauna available. Natural light from the glass door and panoramic window illuminate this beautiful bathing pace. Quality materials and superb engineering make this the very best outdoor sauna. Sauna heater not included.

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