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About TOTO

Toto is the leading producer of sanitary ware in Japan. Toto manufactures the world’s most sophisticated bathroom products with high standard quality. Their toilets feature powerful, but quiet flushes, and are ADA compliant.

TOTO started in 1917 with the vision of a cleaner and more functional toilets and sanitary ware. In 1980 the washlet became Toto’s signature product. The washlet is a heated toilet seat with a bidet function built in. As time passed the bidet seat became a standard in all high end projects and quickly replaced the standard bidet, freeing up space in bathroom spaces. TOTO came to the USA in the early 90s and became the best toilet and best toilet seat manufacturer very quickly.

Toto USA continues to grow over the years offering its flagship Neorest toilet which is a one piece toilet with a built in bidet seat. This toilet bidet combo offers a heated seat, automatic opening lid along with the bidet wash and dry. The Neorest has a hefty price tag, however remember, Its all about the experience.

To spruce up your Toto one piece toilet, Toto offers the washlet seat which can be added on to any standard Toto toilet. The bidets seats are offered for round or elongated toilets and all have different options to suit your wants and needs.

Although, Toto offers bath faucets, shower systems and accessories, Focal Point highly recommends, their toilets and bidet seats.