Victoria and Albert

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Formed in 1996, Victoria + Albert have been creating luxurious and lasting bathtubs and basins. Built with quality, innovation and design in mind, Victoria and Albert have been the market leaders in freestanding tubs. This British company stands behind their products and offers a 25 year warranty. All Victoria and Albert tubs are made with ENGLISHCAST technology. ENGLISHCAST is a mixture of volcanic limestone and resin, which is a great alternative to cast-iron or acrylic tubs. Not all tubs are created equal and the Victoria + Albert once piece tubs boast a hand finished interior with a customizable, drillable deck and an exterior that can be painted or customized. Due to its natural properties, the tubs are warm to the touch and beautiful to the eye.

After seeing success with their freestanding tubs, Victoria and Albert have begun to produce vessel sinks, washstands and bathroom furniture including vanities. Each freestanding bathtub now can be matched with a vessel sink also made of V&A’s unique englishcast material. Victoria and Albert divides their bath range into to main categories: Traditional and Modern. Both collections offer a wide range of product, ranging from glass vanities to freestanding tubs and vessel sinks and we are sure you can find something to complete your project. With the addition of taps, faucets and shower fixtures Victoria and Albert has solidified itself in the luxury plumbing industry and is able to offer a complete coordinated bathroom experience.

From the time the very first freestanding tub, manufacturer in South Africa, Victoria + Albert Baths have been the leading innovator and product developer of freestanding resin products for the luxury industry. Choose an ENGLISHCAST™ tub or sink from Victoria + Albert and relax – you’ve made an investment that will last a lifetime.

For an optimal experience, Victoria + Albert recommends that you visit an authorized showroom, such as Focal Point Hardware, to pick out and purchase their products.